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Titleist’s Tour Soft and Velocity golf balls are back for 2020 with new technology, core and cover designs that should allow golfers to see improvements in a number of key areas at more affordable price points.


With Tour Soft — launched two years ago as the replacement to NXT Tour — Titleist’s research and design team made it a priority to deliver extra ball speed while still maintaining a playable level of greenside spin and performance.


The largest core in Titleist’s lineup was made even lager to squeeze as much speed as possible out of the golf ball. The core is encased by a slightly firmer, and thinner, 4CE grafted cover system that enhances the short game spin many golfers have come to expect from the mid-level price point ball. A new spherically-tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple design was also added to the cover for a more penetrating, lower flight.

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls (Dozen)

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